By MaybeDailyBob

Reflecting on Luminous

Or in full Luminous Motion - a 6m high tower of mirror stainless steel. It was installed in 2002 as part of the Winchester Light Art Project in the grounds of Winchester Cathedral.
I don't know if it still works but originally by texting White, Blue, Indigo, Magenta, Breathe, Eyepop, Lightdancer, Radiance to a number the colours on the column changed. More about it here
This version uses the mirroring of the stainless steel to reflect the building opposite, I like the way the window is framed by the down pipes. One could almost believe I did it on purpose.
The other thing I like is that it appears to be two pictures side by side but it isn't. This is how I took it. I think the complete contrast adds to the effect, but then I am biased.

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