Wilkin River

Day 1 of our tramp to Siberia Hut, and ... it started with a jet boat trip. Yes, "because of the kids" we bypassed 7 hours of walking and in 30 minutes found ourselves at Kerin Forks, where the Wilkin and Siberia Stream meet. And then it was off to Sibera Hut, Only 7km, but as it turned out, very uphill.

We left the boat at 12.30, but soon had a stop for lunch in the sun on the side of the river. Very nice, except for the bumble bees. Who would have known! Then at 1 were we're off, uphill! The kids coped pretty well, with a constant climb for around and hour and a half, and then it was a gradual descent down the valley, finally breaking out into the river valley, arriving at the hut a little before 4. Which was a relief for the kids!

Packs got dumped, and then down to the stream to cool off. In fact, we found a small waterfall and pool and all jumped in, just before the sun went, when it got cooooold!

Back to the hut, dinner, discussion with other trampers, and then bed. Bliss!

So many great photos today, but mostly it was about the jet boat. Yes I know, cheating and noisy polluting things. But oh so much fun!

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