I know he looks sad but he isnt, I promise!! He actually just wants me to throw the ball that I am holding on the end of the camera. (Yes, and I know too much light is flooding in on the right but I am being lazy and can't be arsed haven't the time to redo!)

Another good day at work but I did want to throw a pizza at someone at one point - I restrained myself somehow!

Home from work at 5pm, yeah! I am so easily pleased, Simon is at football tonight so I am going to load up the Sonos system with lots of music and sit in the snug with a G&T and my book.

Roll on Friday - I am so ready for the weekend. A spot of retail therapy BUT I have to find a dress for a wedding - I hate shopping under pressure but I have NOTHING to wear to the wedding and HAVE to find the perfect dress on Saturday eekk!

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