An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Giddy as a Giddy Thing! in between getting in from work and Alan getting in from school, I had a whole 25 minutes to myself, with my camera! Woo hoo :-))

As a result I actually had a choice of shots to blip today. What luxury!

I almost went for the pic of the Green & Blacks chocolate bar but I figured I need more practice in chocolate shots which in effect means I need to buy more choc as I ate it immediately after photographing it! ;-)) and I almost went for the colour version of today's blip but in the end I settled on the mono version as the petals kind of reminded me of feathers.

Oh who the hell cares why I chose this one?!! Boring myself here now! LOL!

So, not back at work till Monday so this is really my Friday. Yay :-)) Pinot Grigio is chilling, chicken pasta bake is ready to go in the oven as is the garlic bread. A salad will be thrown together nearer eating time and if I'm lucky, there might even be a Magnum that's the lolly not PI....or indeed the gun! in the freezer with my name on it. :-))

Determined to have a relaxing night tonight as tomorrow will be spent doing all the last minute cleaning / perparation of this house for the photographer coming to take the pics that will hopefully make some family fall in love with it the way we did with our new house.

Actually the thought of another family living here feels quite strange!

Anyhoo, Happy Thursday Peeps xx

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