... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

A very metropolitan Egyptian Goose

Well, today was grey... Chilly and drizzly (when it wasn't cold and pouring).

I went to visit the Egyptian Geese at Eagle Pond on Clapham Common; all 9 goslings are alive and well (phew!). They're noticeably bigger, and seem slightly less mal-coordinated!

This goose was on a brick structure about a metre above the rest of its family, and jumped down whenever anything (including both people and pigeons) got too close to the goslings . They're being very protective parents which bodes well.

I didn't anticipate taking pictures of the geese (given that it was so grim and grey, and trying to rain), but this goose being elevated presented an opportunity to show it in its rather juxtapositional environment: a beautiful pond on the edge of Clapham Common, that happens to be positioned right next to a main road deep in South London.

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