Brave Blue World

By OlliEcological

Something delicious.

First attempt at wire-wool-spinny-shit tonight. Had four attempts and they got progressively better but the first one must be the blip.

It does, of course, resemble a catherine wheel. I remember (as may others) a band called catherine wheel; one of the stalwarts of the shoegazing movement who disappeared for a couple of years and then made this - a song that reminds me of 1997 and absolutely nothing else.

Shoegazing was so much better than that. This, this or this demonstrated that.

Wow. I need make no reference to psychoactive things, lazy summer days, innocence and a sense that all would be cool in the end, to make certain thirtysomethings go all dewey-eyed.

I've done it to myself just by writing that.

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