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Tea Please

Up at 5.15, in the car with the family at 5.45, at the race start around 6.30. Cold, but not terribly so, kitted up, kissed the kids goodbye at 6.50, gun went at 7. Still dark, sort of.

And off, 95km to go. Somewhat daunting, but it feels OK, despite the sore legs from the tramp 2 days ago!

As predicted, lots of hills, but all rideable on the first leg, then at the head of the lake 2 river crossings. Cold! 30km and 2 hours.

I then assumed it would all be river flats. Sadly no, in fact there were hills, many of them. Two I walked, all were slow.

And finally I arrived at tea and scones, provided by the kids from Dingle Burn station. 4 hours and 62 km.

Stopped for 5 minutes, drank 2 cups of tea, ate some scones, and stored some bananas. The suggestion was a gold coin donation, it's a fundraising effort by the kids. I gave then $5, next year I'll give them $20. So impressed with their enthusiasm, they brought tears to my eyes. Totally made the event for me.

Then off again, just over 30km to go, and easier K's as the gravel road restarted. Prior to that it was pretty rough, I think I've buggered tyre. And then it was far from downhill, but easier and faster and I realised sub 6 hours was possible, so I stopped and txt'd the family. "I'll be there earlier!"

And in the end I did get there earlier, 5.53.43. I had estimated between 6 and 7 hours, so needless to say I was pretty pleased. 14th in my category and 34th overall in thr Classic. Yep, well pleased with that!

But, very tired and my bum, SO sore! A beer, then home to the spa pool and relaxing.

Awesome day, love the event, much better than many I have done, despite being longer. Worth the 3 months f training.

And yep, these kids did it for me. They were lifesavers. I could have blipped me starting in the dark, or me shagged at the finish, or the lake, or the sunset. But these guys made my day. Thanks!

GPS track for my future interest ;-)

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