Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


Went to the match this afternoon. Newcastle United 3 Stoke 0. Great match and great result. Even the rain didn't dampen spirits. Europe here we come ??? Its looking more likely now. The new chant from the terraces.........

" Tell me Mam, tell me Mam
I'll not be home for tea
I'm going to Italy
Tell me Mam, tell me Mam "

My blip shows the Sir Bobby Robson Memorial Garden which is a few mins walk from St. James Park. It was opened last year and has five carved stones - each one representing an era of Sir Bobby's life.

Took a few shots of the team warming up but wasn't happy with any of them. Was getting ready to take more shots as the teams came out of the tunnel before the match and a steward came over and said did I know I couldn't take photos once the match started. YES I DID KNOW - because a while ago I was taking a photo during a match and got told off by a steward. I hadn't realised that on the back of your ticket it says taking photos during the match is prohibited.

So today I was wary of taking any more shots as the steward was watching and I was worried in case the match started as I was taking a shot. So I put my camera away. The match started, the steward went away and the chap to the left of me started filming the match on his phone. The chap to the right of me starting taking photos on his phone. I expect many more of the 52,ooo crowd were also taking photos. Obviously the stewards can't stop everyone - so it seems a bit of pot luck as to whether they pick on you or not.

#### Am tracking Neil's contact lenses online and so far they have reached Royal Mail International Mail centre which I think means Gatwick Airport.

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