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A *Tweet up* today at the Donkey Sanctuary, as much as I love donkey's , none of my photos were up to standard for blip, or certainly not my standard anyhow ;) So we decided to go down to see Sidmouth - WOW - what a place! I can see why it's a prime resort... but wouldn't go there in season though, this time of year is much better. Everyone is friendly, every person, child, dog, is delightful & the sea, OMG, the sea, the cliffs, the beach, the light.... WOW! Many photos were taken, so it was hard to pick one, so, hope I got it right! :D

As for Larry:

Up front

Great time today, once it stopped hailing, just makes me realise how much I love the county I live in, it's so varied, there's so much to see, do & photograph... why be anywhere else? Why hanker for other counties to visit, when I barely know my own? I'm obviously going to *make right* that situation & vow to see *everything* that Devon has to offer pretty damn soon! :D xxx

P.S. the sea here is the Channel... although it does meet the Atlantic at some point too!

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