Covered in Bees

By PaulFS

Lighting up Langstrath

Borrowdale is delightful, and the Langstrath valley is a joy to walk in. This was the view into the valley from the Langstrath Inn this morning as the sun was breaking through the clouds and the Herdwick Sheep were waking, stretching, chewing, dozing.

Do sheep yawn?

We wandered into the valley for a few hours, following the river, not a soul to be seen until we wandered back.

It was quiet from the shrillness of people and the perfect end to a delightful weekend.

Thanks for the positivity for Borrowdale :o) I'm back home now and have another mountain to climb; catching up on blips plus a few thank you's! Another mountain that will be a pleasure to climb. It just might take a little while! :o)

p.s. I don't often say you should look large, but to see the way the clouds are smoldering through the rivens of the fellside, it might be worth a look.

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