Covered in Bees

By PaulFS

Tumult and the Tree

Ignoring the weather forecast we went to explore some more of Baildon Moor that we had yet to see. There were lapwings screeching and warning away with their oversized square wings, a shaggy horned bull, a bunny running hell for leather with it's tail flashing like a beacon to any passing predator.

Then the skies darkened, the sheep didn't care, the tree would still be standing afterwards, and my blip was born.

Yesterday's blip - Lighting up Langstrath; was my second most popular blip ever, and my own personal favourite. Thank you for the reception for it :o)

I am slowly catching up on journals. I may not leave more than a quick comment; no diatribes from me for awhile! But I will get round.

Finally, I realised when I was having a quick look through journals this afternoon that today's blip shows a passing resemblance to Earthdreamer's awesome blip! I checked with him that it was OK to publish :o)

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