The Phoenix Rises

By sheilaM

The birthday Gal

A lovely family gathering to celebrate noifa's 30th.
As you can see, "Pat the bump 2" was in attendance too.

The cake went down well as did the other two. The great building of the Play centre in the garden was a team effort, but the grandparents deserved most of the credit, with a lot of help from uncles and cousins too.
Master Euan had a ball and will be the envy of all his nursery mates....when he makes them.

I gifted his Mum a wee Jasmine to trail along the fence to make the garden smell sweet in the evenings. Hopefully it won't make net doors dog sick as apparently the soft bark they put down for a safe landing area around the play centre has given it diarrhoea!?! How and why, when it can't get to it we'll never know.

Thanks for a great gathering Fi and Martin.

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