Wood Duck Pair

Took a walk to Whatcom Falls Park today to see what was going on with the wildlife there. The Wood Ducks were in Scudder Pond so I took the opportunity to photograph them as they swam a bit closer than when I first saw them. Take a look at the large version.

Walked down to the Barred Owl nest and could just see the top of the mother's head above the bottom of the hole. Didn't get a good photo but it was great to see her there. I took a circle past the water fall and came back by the owl tree on my way home. The mother was no longer visible but I did hear two loud "hoots" from somewhere nearby. Looked around but no sign of either parent.

By then it was time to walk home and head off to Costco to pick up more prints for my 2013 calendars. I took advantage of their 9 cent print sale. It was the second time I used the coupon. I found out that the gal shouldn't have given it back to me the first time. The fellow kindly let me use it again so I saved lots because I'd ordered many prints. Every little bit helps.

Got an email from Ian. He got home safely. He got a lift from the airport to his home because the train accident shut down the trains and that was how he'd planned to get home from the airport. It was a big accident. Was even in our paper this morning. I was so glad that Ian was not involved but sad for the people who were.

Quiet evening at home with Arvin tonight. Two in a row. We are enjoying our quiet time together.

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