I call this Steller's Jay "Roger" because he is double banded with red (Ro) and green (Ger) bands. I'm not even sure he is a male. If not I should probably be calling him Regina. But never mind. He's "Roger" to me, and he has been coming to our feeder for several years. He's one of the jays that stays around for the winter. We have some birds who only come in the late spring, summer and early fall and then take off for warmer climes. Roger is part of the small year round group who enjoys our peanuts. These days he seems to be king of the hill. When others come around, he decides who gets to come in and eat and when. Here he is just as he is about to take off with a few peanuts. You can see one. There is at least one, and perhaps two more in his gullet. They load up and then fly somewhere to hide their cache. Then they are back, grabbing more nuts for their larder. Check out the large version to see his feathers more closely.

More picture of Roger here.

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