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Colour on the Clutha

We have Blipped from here before but The Boss took me for walkies round this area on Sunday for a Blip Look and after going out with the Walkers today returned for the real Blip. I love this area but there are some serious cliffs and The Boss took the safe path by leaving me on lead and attached to his belt while the camera was positioned and the picture made. This is near Rieko's point and part of a walking / biking track that at present runs from Albert town to Luggate but really can be started from Glendhu Bay via Wanaka / Outlet track / and Albert town. A serious distance to ride and far too far to walk in a day. The plan is to eventually run this track to the sea. I really like this area and away from the cliffs I can run about and be well contained by rabbit fencing on one side and the Clutha River on the other. I love to run down the easier slopes to the river for a BIG drink...Burp!
It's about 20 K from town.
Hey thanks for the great support for HannahDV and my new house sign. It looks grand and everyone who comes to our house, comments. It's GREAT FUN to tell them it came from the UK via Blip and cheese.

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