Tussock Tales

By TussockTales

My Friend Hannah

My friend HannahDV made this sign for my house. It's special cos it was made out of Cheese. Yes really it is. Gruyere I believe. This talented young lady carves animals out of cheese and Blips the results and when she met me and discovered my weakness this is what resulted. The sign, made by The Boss from her journal page, will now be a permanent addition to my house, under the stairs, where I sleep at night.
Thank you Hannah! May Stars, Hearts and Barks always come your way.
I must confess that this is not the most flattering shot of me but The Bossess was messing about with some TREATS and I got quite distracted as The Boss hit the shutter. I think it's a more serious look. You need serious looks when dealing with cheese. ESPECIALLY Gruyere.
Oh by the way...Thats Chuck the Chicken (the red guy) on the right. Chuck is my second favourite toy. How does it work? You chuck him and I chase him and chew him and he squeaks. Right? I bet you knew that already

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