The Phoenix Rises

By sheilaM

The paint job

Claudette seems to be taking even more time.
The painting of the inside of the van is coming on slowly. This sunshine and showers weather we are having makes for a stop start job. The back doors have been done and 3 coats later are finished. The varnishing is all but done, now I have the upho;stery to start. I have a huge mound of fabric adorning the settee which needs to be cut and attached to the walls, never mind her curtains.
Ally is making more cubbyholes to stash some tools for the emergency repairs that he is sure we will have to do en route to Europe. I have every faith we won't.

So why did I spend most of the evening next door chatting to Chris and Greta and their daughter? Well Chris is not very well and needed some non pc laughter and some cake of course. He was a chef and I get a critique of some of my baking. I do worry that their birds are being well fed. I wonder what.......

Ah well as long as they can still fly with some of my baking in them, that's ok.

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