By strawhouse

With This Ring.....

I still smile when I look at my wedding ring. I thought it would just be another ring, looking quite nice with my engagement ring, but I'm surprised to find how emotional it makes me; how much I see it as a symbol of our marriage. I remember these words so clearly during the ceremony:

I give you this ring as a symbol of my endless love for you. All that I am and all that I have I bring to you. May this ring remind us of this moment and the commitment I have made to you

And I love seeing Mr K's ring on his finger. It looks so right!
Ha, ha I'm a proper Smug Married at the moment!!!
We're in self imposed exile this week in case Miss L is brewing the plague. I have pregnant friends and friends with teething babies so I don't want to bring the pox into their households! So I'm going a little bit stir crazy. I miss my girls!!!!
Still, it could be worse, we could be doing nothing but watching Fireman Sam..... At least we've got swimming and school.
And laundry and tidying.....
Agghhhh, back down to earth with a bump!

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