By hoodedpigwoman

Spring Clean

This is my boss AltoJude (I note she's lapsed in her blipping...).

She was on a lengthy phone conference this morning, and after about an hour she attracted my attention across the desk and ... I thought she was going to ask me to make her a cup of tea of something ... she said "My keyboard's filthy!". Maybe it wasn't the most gripping meeting; I hope she had the phone on mute.

Then I remembered I'd seen some patent keyboard cleaner in a box, so we got it out. It was sort of like playdough; you have to press it on your keyboard and it picks up all the dirt. I won't say it was perfect and you should probably do it with your PC turned off - my arrow keys were doing something quite odd afterwards.

I've got a nasty sore throat and this was about the most entertaining thing that happened all day. I'm going to fester somewhere now.

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