... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Emperor Tamarin

I went to London Zoo today, so have really struggled to choose my blip; I had a wonderful day, and took more than 200 photographs...
I've not been to London Zoo in a long while; since I last went, the largest animals (including the elephants and rhinos) have been moved out, which I thought might rather take the edge off the experience, but I didn't miss them terribly. It would, of course, have been nice to see such magnificent beasts, but the variety of animals on display is still truly spectacular, and the zoo is looking very well cared for and managed.

I chose this photo because I was so captivated by the primates (generally, but the small ones in particular), and this chap was incredibly characterful and inquisitive... These tamarins were kept in an open enclosure in the "Rainforest Life" section (a mixed enclosure which replicates a rainforest habitat with primates and sloths and birds, and around the top of which are balconies at tree-top height); this one leapt down onto the handrail next to my friend, and snuck right up next to her, to the point where they were almost touching. It was amazing; she is actually visible in the reflection in its right eye...

My second choice blip was a picture of a squirrel monkey: they are also kept in an enclosure in which visitors can walk (surrounded by the animals). I think the squirrel monkeys were my favourite of the day, and I desperately wanted to sneak one out in my camera bag... I'm not going to blip them though, because the close little moment with the tamarin was more memorable and special.

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