Time for something a bit different

We tried the bird feeders in the back garden but when I found next door's cat sitting on the branch above the feeders, I realised why we had no takers on the fat balls....

So, for the last few weeks they have been in the hedges at the front and I am refilling them every other day. Si says it is a waste of time as we only get 'boring' birds visit and not the woodpeckers, green finches, robins etc that my mum gets in her garden.........he is such a bird snob!

The birds are still quite skitty and dont exactly pose for the camera but the pups love watching them!

Working from home today and just 59 emails to go till I sign off for the day...woohoo. Not much planned for the weekend - out for dinner tomorrow night which clashes with The Voice, bugger! with Si. I want lots of fresh air too - I have been cooped up all week - I don't give a damn if it is raining - that's what wellies are for :)

Happy Friday :)

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