If you go down to the woods today........

It isn't every day you go a walk down the canal and your dog comes out of the undergrowth with a dildo in his mouth..........

I honestly kid you not....

Stanley thought he found a new toy and he had - I am sure the owner is missing it..........well, it was soon kicked into the canal much to his frustration!

I'm not sure how to follow that to be honest!

We had a 5 mile walk with the dogs along the canal and we are now home to soup and a massive clear out of crap stuff. I have just found the piece of paper I wrote my numbers on for Simon the night we met almost ten years ago. When I say met, what I mean is, we used to go to school together and when I came back from Australia we got chatting in the pub...........and the rest is history. I was clearly very eager as I wrote down every possible contact number for him to contact me.....he was clearly as eager as he called the next day :)

Any hoooooooo, enough chit chat time ot get back to the sort out.

Off out on a date tonight with my husband :)

Have a great Saturday Blippers :D

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