Rainy Sunday

'Quite frankly, I dont give a shit woof that is it raining, and that is has been raining since I went out for my morning wee. Quite frankly, you need to get yourself out of bed, get dressed and take me for a walk......OK!'

Poor deprived dogs, it is 1030am and they still haven't been a walk. And they wont be going in the next couple of hours if it keeps raining like it is

I kind of don't mind days like this, it forces us to stop, do nothing and chill out.

Bacon sandwiches are on the way, dinner is prepped for later and I have read 100 pages of my book - that is a successful SUnday morning if you ask me


Dog lovers - please note they will get walked come hell or high water (which it could well be). We arent that mean!

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