Eat your breakfast, Blue !

I'm youth, I'm joy, I'm a little bird that has broken out of the egg.

- Sir James M. Barrie

The Bluejays were a loud and raucous treat this morning and did a world of good to lift my mood. These two spent time flying overheard, fussing, munching on tasty bits plucked from the tree and plump peanuts.

G is in the air, 2 hours plus into his 5 hour and 45 minute flight. It's another 2 hour public transit schlep to Plaistow and his cozy London digs. We will miss him, I've shed my tears and look forward to everything relating to his Nora show and his return home to us.

We all went out to dinner last night and he and his sister S are just the apples of all our eyes.

For the Record,

This day came in sunny and blowy with increasing clouds. I'm off to painting soon. That will help dry my tears.

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