On Meeting a Legend

At the expo for Manchester Marathon

Running legends Ron Hill ( left ) and Neil Shuttleworth

Ron , to quote my friend , " is to blame for a generation of middle aged men in ill fitting lycra". That'll be his world wide sportswear range then.

He is also the man that won Manchester marathon in 1969 and 1971

He was very good when he approached me for my autograph, not at all pushy . He was also very unassuming when he asked for tips on how to run a marathon in over 6 hours whilst grimacing, swearing and generally looking incapable. I think he took my tips on board and it will be interesting to see if he can let the side down as much as me tomorrow with a shockingly bad performance when he guest runs seven miles. I did warn him that it takes practice to be as bad as me though

He nodded , a little starstruck I think he was, and quietly walked off to contemplate the fish and chips and 12 pints of lager I had recommended as a pre race chaser.


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