El Camino

By AndrewForbes

Eats, Shoots, Leaves

The damp evening air is laden with the smell of anise. José, the local shepherd took his flock over our land this evening, and the sheep have been munching on the fresh shoots of wild fennel that surround the Cortijo.

The sheep like our land as we leave it completely wild, so there lots of plants and shrubs, and José is doing us a favour by getting everything trimmed before the summer fire hazard season - and we rent the place out from June for the holiday season so for insurance reasons all the dry plants have be cut back.

It rained steadily but lightly all last night; which was great as the dry landscape was able to absorb it.

Since posting this I've realised this isn't the classic wild fennel which is coming up everywhere, this is some kind of giant fennel :-)

If you have the appetite for anymore landscapes, I've cropped a panarama of the view this afternoon here

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