By sp33dway

H.U.B.shot part deux

part one

had a shyte morning after realising the vat man's world doesn't stop turning for anything or anyone, so made a half baked attempt to get my paperwork done for the accountant on monday.

this afternoon we took ladySp33ds moomin back to warrington after spending the past few days with us, and promptly got badgered by my bro-in-law into going for a bike ride on his new steed along a few miles of the trans pennine. despite me doing my best to put him off by claiming not to have the right clothes or even the desire to go, i was soon sporting a slight grin and within an hour felt all-conquering.

there's something about peddling a bike with the wind in your face that does miracles for the soul, and he knew it.

thanks D. you're a star.

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