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Cook Park, Tigard Oregon -- Tualatin River

I had to get out of the house today, even though I felt lousy...it turned out to warm up and be a nice day, and I thoroughly enjoyed my hike and the new park I visited about 10 miles south of here. I had heard on the Oregon Bird List about this park, and in hopes of seeing my first Cinnamon Teal, I ventured out. I was not disappointed, but the Cinnamon Teal saw me and hightailed it in the other direction.

The park is beautiful and included soccer fields, baseball fields, picnic and restrooms, gazebo, several wetland areas, a butterfly garden, and the beautiful Tualatin River which you see in my blip today. Most of the trails are paved and accessible, dogs are permitted on leash, and it seemed to be a popular spot for families.

Speaking of families, I was amazed at the groups of Canada Geese families there were in the wetland ponds. Everywhere I turned, there was another family. The one group of brand new duckling was hilarious, and the mother was getting them to take baths....she would flip some water, and they went nuts, bobbing under the water and popping up. It was so cute to watch!

When I neared the area where there is a wide open prairie, a turkey vulture appeared, soaring over me...with two red-winged blackbirds in pursuit. They got the best of the vulture, and off he went.

The paths follow the river for a bit, and then they've built a beautiful overpass for foot traffic over the river, right next to the railroad bridge. It afforded me this centered overview of the Tualatin River.

To see my photos from this trip, visit my FLICKR PAGE!

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