My Year in Pictures

By jenny

"What's that big yellow thing in the sky mum?

A day with no rain - hurrah!

Busy, busy day so late walk with Bill early evening and thought I'd blip a sunshiney blip with the daisies and dandelions in one of the fields that we walk through most days.

And as I lay down a certain someone decided to lie down beside me - so how could I not blip him!

A big change from the early days of my blipping when the wee chancer would make the most of any opportunity he got when I was otherwise occupied taking photos to go exploring - nowadays he stays pretty close - and today even closer!

Busy week ahead - lots of different things to get done - including getting ready for my mum and dad who are coming on Thursday for a long weekend - fingers crossed the big yellow thing stays around until they've gone!

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