The Life Of Ponty Cyclops

By pontycyclops

N Is For ... Nuts

Off to a flying start on this weeks letter of the AlphaPonty Challenge. We have crossed the half way mark folks! Thirteen entries gone ... thirteen to go!

This was a quick knocked up idea when I noticed the long shadows falling across the table ... I'm quite pleased with it as a semi emergency blip!

After the nutty weather of the past 48hrs, the storms seemed to have abated this evening, which gave me chance to put the feeders back up. They weren't damaged in the end, and the amount of birds that have visited the garden today makes me think they are just as pleased to see them back as I was!

It was a busy weekend so there was some back blipping going on. Feel free to have a look.

From the Ponty v Llandovery game: Impact Is Immanent

From Megan's birthday party yesterday: M Is For ... Megan.

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