Those norberts down at the boatie club have brought the committee meeting forwards a week so we can sign some papers! When I pointed out that this clashed with the Manchester derby, I may as well have been speaking to aliens. I got away for the 2nd half.
But what did get me thinking earlier was a description of Thomas Macaulay (that's right, the son of Zachary Macaulay) who apparently would leave dinner party guests agog at his eloquence and erudition. I somehow imagine the guests as they would be pictured in the Beano, eyes swivelling and tongues lolling, as Thomas would hold forth, whilst forking bangers and mash into his cake hole.
I think agog would be my superpower if I was a superhero; I would unleash erudition and eloquence in abundance at my dinner party. The guests agogness would be extreme, leaving them suffering nosebleeds, palpitations and struggling for breath before rushing raving into the streets, rending their garments. How does 8pm Saturday sound?

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