Who was?

Who indeed. More famous than his brother Ben? You think I'd take a blip just to make a lame jokette? Actually he was a big shot in Balerno amongst Shakespearian scholars. Or Blerny as it was always called when I was a lad.
That might not be such a great claim of course. When I took the early retirement option two and a bit years ago, I looked at the various oddments which had stayed with me over quarter of a century. One was a clipping from the Glasgow Herald which had always tickled me. It was a Court Case and began, "One of Stornoway's leading thespians..."
I'll draw a veil over the actual story. I seem to remember he was in his mid-seventies and he gave some young drama student 'extra tuition' out of hours. Are there many spanking scenes in serious drama?

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