The second half of life..

By twigs

New office boy

Enjoyed a good laugh today . . . .

During one of my year 11 classes I noticed that the game that was supposed to be happening had ground to a halt. I left them for a few minutes to give them chance to sort out whatever issue they had themselves. When they were still gathered together and inactive after those few minutes had ticked by I thought I'd better head over and check out what was going on . . . . .

"It's a cockatiel" said C

"A what?" I said, unsure I'd heard correctly.

"It flew into our game and stayed. It's pretty friendly - look - it's sitting on Rob's shoulder"

. . . . . and sure enough, there was Rob with a cockatiel on his shoulder!

We had a quick group discussion about what we should do and finally opted to take it back to the gym, put it in a box then get the SPCA to pick it up.

The 'box' we used was an inverted wire rubbish basket which doubled very nicely as a bird cage.

After a few minutes though I felt uneasy with it being caged (I don't like animals or birds in cages any time) so I decided to lift the basket and give it some freedom for a while. Lol! It made a beeline for M who was eating his veggie lasagne lunch which it did it's utmost to get a share of - it sat on my shoulder and nibbled at my necklaces, it sat on L's shoulder (this image) and nibbled at her neck, it sat on K's shoulder, it tried to sit on H's but he was a bit scared of it and L managed to avoid letting it anywhere near her. It was a wonderfully fun lunchtime indeed.

Eventually it was taken to the local vet and someone from the SPCA will collect it tomorrow. There's an advert in the paper for tomorrow so hopefully he'll be home in his own house - eating his own veggie lasagne - tomorrow night.

So - another first for me today - the first time a cockatiel has ever ground a lesson to a halt!

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