The second half of life..

By twigs

May Day

Odd tho' it may seem, I brought some marking over to Golden Bay with me. It seems odd to go away for a break but take work - but it worked! I actually did a couple of hours sitting at the beach in the van and got through a good pile of it :)

Gotta say, the view here beats the kitchen table or office any day! And the company was pretty good too. Soooo many birds today . . . . . kingfisher, spoonbill, kotuku (white heron), grey heron, chaffinch, pukeko, seagull, fantail, spur winged plover, pied cormorant, pied ostercatcher, silvereye, seagull, blackbird, swallow, black swans . . . . .

I'm sure I've probably missed a few off the list but never mind.

It's been great being out and about amongst nature's wee treasures, even if only for a short time, but a combination of a deteriorating weather forecast and a few tasks that still need doing at home I decided to head back today. Didn't leave until after 6.00pm and was home a bit before 8.00. I love that this playground is so close to home :)

SO next time you hear my May Day call from Golden Bay . . . . . . just ignore me ! I'll survive!!

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