a town called E.

By Eej


While Buckita is keeping a close eye on quality control, Bucky has immersed himself in quantities and logistics.
All 3 of us had developed an acute aversion to the colour the vendors call 'heliconia' (which is almost a neon pink) before the day was over and 550 shirts had passed before our eyes but it was lovely of them to help me out at work today. The imminent goodbyes are making our friendship that much closer, for sure.

This is where the journey started. You can use the BuckyBlip tag tag to see all the exotic/cold/interesting destinations they've visited and how Bucky left his single life behind to become a married man.

If you'd like them to visit your neck of the woods and show them around, send an email to buckytheducky[at]googlemail[dot]com with your postal address and blip journal name. Bucky and Buckita are leisurely paced duckies though, and their next destination is all set, so it might be a wee while :)

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