I Passed!

On a whim I decided to sit an exam today for a product I consult on rather than have a long lunch, as they have a testing centre at the conference and let you take one free exam.

Hadn't really studied and am normally crap at exams, so went in expecting to fail and identify which areas I needed to swot up on before attempting for real. Definitely wasn't the easiest exam I've ever sat, but turned out that I do know my stuff after all and passed. Yey!

Got a sticker added to my pass to wear with pride. The yanks seem to love their stickers and badges (or buttons as they call them)....but then it is a tech conference and theres tons of geeks here, even the pocket protector wearing type!

Went and did a bit of shopping with Mrs P (some celebration!), then watched the water show at Bellagio before having dinner. Should have met up with some contacts and done a bit of dinner but was too knackered.

We're total lightweights - both felt drunk after a bottle of wine + one drink earlier, headed back to our hotel and fell asleep watching TV trying to eat some cake we had "to go". Had a great sleep though and dont feel as tired as have been for the last few days.

I dont know what it is about Vegas, perhaps its the dry heat, or the amount of walking I do, the air con, or something (the extra oxygen they pump into the air perhaps), but I always feel tired here no matter now much sleep I've had (even drink induced long sleeps). Still, its an experience and i've enjoyed this years conference; far different from previous years which involved much more drinking and nights out with the guys.


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