Government House

They have some nice buildings in Vegas. This one is their local government building.
When we were up at the weekend the place was all fenced off and there was a concert going on. The girl singing was belting out some really good sounding songs.

Anyway, in other news, I went back to the Apple Store today and got the battery on my MacBook replaced. Say what you like about Apple, but their customer service is excellent and when I told them my battery was only lasting 1.5 hours on full charge they just ordered a new one straight away, and didn't take long to fit it today, all at no cost. Dell, HP, IBM laptops i've had in the past have always charged me for a new battery. Yet another reason why i'll remain a fanboy.

The march of the lightweights continues. We went to Wynn buffet this evening and returned to our room bursting at the seams, where I proceeded to fall straight asleep at 10pm!


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