horns of wilmington's cow

By anth


Good conversation, good food. There's little more you can ask for really. A little trip for me and Mel through to Glasgow brightened by meeting Steven and Eliza for a bit of lunch at Wagamama. Nice to catch up after a long gap, and after spending a lot of time on here complaining about things I figured to mark number 50 it would be good to have something relaxed and warm.

I've known Steven for about 8 years now - we just kinda clicked with a similar love of movies and books, and now that he's editor of a legal magazine guess who is getting to write a couple of articles... Nice to see him so happy with Eliza.

The last thing he said to me today? Are we going to be on blipfoto later today then?

Meanwhile plans continue for the holiday in just over a week, with some decent bags bought that will be ideal for all the moving around we're going to do, and we should get our visas the middle of this week.

The upcoming holiday makes one thing a certainty. One more full week of work left.

Thank god.

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