horns of wilmington's cow

By anth

Just when you thought it was safe....

Sneaking up
From below
Weekend's coming
A day to go


.... to go back in the carpet.

What do you mean I have too much time on my hands? Absolutely manic morning, but now the boss and his PA are in a meeting. Cleared off another couple of things, and revelled in having my lovely old shoes back, all polished up and now re-soled.

Don't ask me why Jaws sprung to mind. It does come from a time which sort of created the 'blockbuster'. The difference, of course, between blockbusters then and now is that there was actually something truly fantastic about them then. They were still cinematic pieces, designed to use the very edges of the screen, and not afraid to have slow bits (that aren't saccharine sweet sentimentality).

Spielberg was a genius then. How he managed to let Lucas convince him that the fourth Indy movie was any good I don't know. Seriously, don't get me started. Nor on the Star Wars prequels. Return of the Jedi was a hint at what was to come, even more so after the digital remastering that was to 'improve' the original movies.

More and more now I find myself thinking a basic 'meh' about the cinema. Years back it was a grand night out. Queuing round the block. I remember an intermission in a Bond movie (Octopussy, the first I saw in the cinema, so holds a special place despite being truly awful) and being bought a pin badge from a selection that had been put out on a folding table. I'm beginning to sound like some curmudgeonly (ther's a word you don't hear often enough) old fool, but even at this tender age I just think we have a little 'too much' of everything at the moment.

It's all too easy. Nothing is earned, or savoured. Except maybe the next Bond movie.

I'll be there opening night. Just like I was with Indy 4 and Star Wars I-III. I have high hopes though, and if it fails to deliver I'll do what I always do, console myself with some truly superb movies from LoveFilm that only got limited releases (if released at all) that still hold that cinematic art dear.

That's got to be some Solace.

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