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Red Dot

"All work and no play makes Homer something something" :D

My initial thought was to utilise the original quote ("All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy") in an analogous fashion to the typewriter and manuscript which Wendy discovers in the movie - The Shining. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to see that through so went with the relatively simple keyboard - a tool vital for modern day work, including mine.

It was while I was taking photos that the idea to rearrange the letters came to me. So I decided which part of the keyboard would be most interesting to focus on then took separate shots of the letters I needed to put it all together. Getting the right brightness and saturation on the letters was the hardest bit, so they didn't look out of place in their new positions.

Also, if you ever take a macro of your (laptop) keyboard, if it's anything like mine, the first thing which will be apparent is the amount of dirt and dust within and underneath the keys, especially if it's black! To save you from seeing all that muck, I decided to add a Gaussian blur and unmasked the keys :)

I also included the red dot 'Trackpoint' as it is synonymous with the laptop brand - IBM/Lenovo. What's the deal with the red dot anyway?


Thanks for looking/comments/shares/favs!

Have a great weekend everyone and happy snapping!!! :))

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