Some progress

Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.

Pablo Picasso

For the record,
This day came in dark, damp and showery. No painting at the studio today, folks are sick with nasty colds. I worked a bit on Nora yesterday, lots of progress since I started back in April. She looks more like my mother at the moment, but it's very early on and hopefully Nora will emerge,thinned down, smiling more and with a better hair day. Then comes Gordon...can you believe the crowd they had over often while at their honeymoon cottage on the coast of Maine? The only one alive today is the baby on the right, my mother's cousin Polly, who is in her '90s.

A friend is unlocking the Hall where we hold our Garden Club meetings so I can do some testing of the iPad TV hook up for my Garden Club photo presentation later in the month. That might calm my technical worries.
Update .... All systems go for the show.

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