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By djrose007

Hedges just keep growing!

What a day! Marlane got a wardrobe off ebay last night. This morning checked I had everything to go and pick it up, bungees, sheet, foam for the roof rack, rope. Only thing I didn't have was a car battery that worked!! Flat as a pancake (Ok, Ok, I heard you 'what shape should it be then!).
So I called Green Flag and they got to me in 20 minutes. Battery was dead and needed replacing although he did get me started and checked the alternator was charging ok, just that the battery was not holding the charge.
Off down to Bristol Road, Gloucester, to get a new battery and took tools just to make sure that, if it wouldn't start I could replace it there and then. It didn't start, of course, and then I found I couldn't get the bracket off to remove the old battery. Luckily, I was at Fraser's motorcycle sales and service and one of the mechanics gave me a hand.
New battery on and off to Longhop, Gloucestershire, to pick up the wardrobe after nipping back home to pick up Daniel, our Son, to give me a hand. The bloke selling the wardrobe had said he is in Gloucester - Longhope is 12 miles and 25 minutes away. When I questioned him he said 'GL17 is a Gloucester postcode', 'No' I told him 'It's GLOUCESTERSHIRE, Not Gloucester City'!
Anyway, dropped the wardrobe at my Mother in Laws, back home, peeled spuds for tomorrows dinner and then cut the hedge back that goes from our house onto the road. It's a handy shortcut for the boys going to school and visitors popping in which is why we keep it free.

Early night tonight, up very early in the morning as I'm setting off at 0600 to go to Bruntingthorpe Cold War Jets day. Look out for an Aeroplane blip tomorrow night.

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