Covered in Bees

By PaulFS

Super Moo

There's a Perigee Moon tonight, or a Super Moon, which appears significantly bigger than usual as it's closer to the Earth.

Here it's going to be at it's best at about 4.30am apparently, but we had a wander up to the moor early evening to watch it rise.

We didn't actually get to see it as I'd messed up the timings and wasn't sure if it had risen and was behind a cloudbank or was running late, but I did get to see this *gorgeous* bull in a nearby field!

*If* I get up to see the moon at 4.30am then tomorrow's blip may be my earliest ever. Don't bet on it happening though....

Thanks for the feedback, stars and hearts for The Sun Sets with a Small Tree in Front of it. You're too kind :o)

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