Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Photo Shoot

Friend Jellyfox is going to have her first session of chemotherapy tomorrow and I wanted to "capture" her as she is! Found a great Living Social deal (yes, we do have them here too!)

30 min Outdoor Photoshoot in a location of your choice. The Creek is way too busy for something like this, but Burj Al Arab Beach, Geraldine's second fav beauty spot is perfect... sun, sea, sand... (40 deg C temp!)

Our photographer turned out to be a fellow countryman (even went to the same school as me!) and is married to a Vietnamese lady whom he met whilst studying in Malaysia! I loved the simplicity of their equipment, and having never done anything like this before, it was great how relaxed they made us feel. Will get the results in 5 days.

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