Giving this a go...

By Debiives

Wrong sport?

Broncos played an 'on the road' game today against Bradford Bulls at Brisbane Rd home of Leyton Orient. Harlequins RU who we normally share a ground with wanted the pitch to have a rest at the end of their season so our two May home games are at other stadiums.
We got the train into and across London and 10 mins in we were 3 tries ahead. Great, can we play here every week, we all thought. Oh no hang on, this is Broncos we're watching. It won't last. And sure enough we threw it away in the second half and lost 22-29.

Went to Pizza Hut for tea then home to put 2 tired boys to bed. I've got everything organised for my triathlon tomorrow so I guess I should go to bed too.

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