Flowers on a balcony

When I woke up at 6.30 this morning there was pink dawn sunlight on the pine trees on the hill opposite and a clear sky. There is a socialist president and the weather is better already! I didn't have a vote, as I'm not a French citizen, but I'm pleased with the result, with the usual realistic, cynical reservations that I have about all politicians.

I still haven't persuaded Lo Jardinièr to start blipping (and maybe it makes life easier to have just one blipper in the family), but he has started a blog where he'll be posting his thoughts on wild plants in the Languedoc....and some jazz too. Please have a look, if you're interested. It's an entangled bank.

This balcony is for Molly/Tuscany/Amalarian whose last blip was posted a year ago today and is much missed by the many blippers who knew her, enjoyed her journal and appreciated her comments on theirs. She sometimes asked me why people here didn't put many flowers on their balconies, as they do in Tuscany. This balcony, for her, has flowers all year round.

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