an itching in my thumbs

By itchythumbs


i thought i wanted to talk about something, so i typed and typed and typed and then i realized i was full of bullshit tonight so i just stopped.


i read a story yesterday about a roadside alligator park and a woman with one arm.


i legitimately wonder how much control we have over our human relationships. some things just seem more like chance than anything else.


the neurological differences in the way we are each hardwired predisposes us to look for things in each other we can't even begin to articulate, explain, or understand.

i have always felt that the intrinsic pointlessness of our fleeting time as human beings on this earth was oddly liberating and inspiring, so much more so than if it all held an encompassing gravity.

i do not know why i am still talking; i am going to bed.


one year ago was one of the most surreal weekends of my life.

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