The Griffin Poses...

It's my birthday, and it's also a new gas boiler day for the Harebell household.

We had an early rise to welcome the boiler folks and then we baled out for a birthday day out.

Had a lovely breakfast out, something called an apple and coconut Bircher muesli. Delicious. We got a few bits at the shops, lunch out and then trip to Anglesey Abbey where Mr H took some great shots of the birdies with Big Nessie.

I had a 'super macro conversion lens' as a pressie and we've been practising a few shots with that. I am very lucky, as Big Nessie the dslr was really supposed to be my birthday present, although I had her early.

The sculpture was looking a bit haughty, I thought, quite the poser.

We are hoping for good weather tomorrow, the lean-to roof has to come off for the gas pipes and it ain't looking good so far. Tee hee, remarkable the positive thought powers of pink fizz.

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