Hopping around!

By Harebell

Wet Wandering at Wandlebury

This brave ladybird was out for a wet wonder at Wandlebury Ring, as were we.

I took the photo using my new magnifying macro gadget thingie (so technical). I clipped it on the end of the lens, as per instructions. It made me go ooohhh! It was good fun to have a play, however, it and Nessie had to go bag in the bag pronto as the skies opened again, and again, and again with more wetness.

We went to Cambridge to the Fitzwilliam Museum, however the security guard wouldn't let us in with our bags, Mr H had a small back pack and I had a 'sling' bag. I was unhappy to leave the bags at the desk so we left. The guard followed us out all the way outside and along to the exit at the other end of the museum. We clearly looked like types who would steal Chinese works of art, just like the folks that robbed the museum recently. Maybe, he'd had a serious telling off about that.

Good news on the new boiler front, the lean-to roof came off and on again and as the morning was a bit drier than the afternoon, we do not seem to be too wet. Hopefully, last day of boiler works tomorrow.

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