Covered in Bees

By PaulFS

Swan Jake

Yes apparently this swan is called 'Jake'. The ducks on the left (that you might not have noticed till I pointed them out) told me.

Of course I speak Duck!


A late evening walk down to the Lake at Tong Park and over the Golf Course to watch a stunning *stunning* sunset! I took a few pictures but couldn't do it justice so it'll stay in my memory instead where it'll stay perfect.

Thanks for the feedback for Beyond the Pond - I really didn't expect the overwhelming majority vote to be for the horse! Thanks for taking the time to look - in retrospect you're right of course and I'll try to do better next time I have a 50/50 :o)

I'm *loving* blipping at the moment. Not that I haven't always but getting out on these evenings - seeing scenes and thinking;

'what can I do with that scene?'

'how can I frame that?'

'would that make a good photo or will I gloss over it when I upload it?' just so much fun. So rewarding.

I'm not saying I get it right - I know my limitations - but the joy of this experience is trying. Uploading the photo's when you get home and seeing what you've got, like little Christmas presents. Is it going to be smelly old socks again or is it going to be a top of the range lens that I never thought I could afford?

The other thing - commenting on blips. I'm so behind. I'm spending a lot of time out and about getting photo's - trying to get better but I'm now routinely falling behind in catching up! I've always tried to comment on pretty much all the journals I follow, and I still will, but sometimes I might not comment *as much*. I might just say 'Good Shot!' or 'Superb' or 'What were you THINKING?', but I will visit!

I'm sure you're not waiting desperately for my comment - but I still wanted to mention it, mainly because I'm so grateful for the comments I get! (Selfish git!)

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